Tire Valve Deflators (Set of 5)

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Custom Machined Tire Valve Deflators for airing down your tires. Want to be the first one done when airing down? Need a little extra spice in your life? If so then these are for you...lol Comes in a set of 5, enough for 4 tires plus a spare. You do not need caps to cover these. I have been running these tire deflators for years with no caps and have not had any issues. Even when out snow wheeling I have never once had them ice up and start leaking. These are a double sealing valve stem cap. To use these you remove the valve stem core and place these caps on the valve stem just like you would any other valve stem cap. Simple unscrew the cap a little to let air out then screw it back on to seal it. For airing up you just place a tire chuck on the cap as if you were airing up any other valve stem. 

Video showing how these work.  ↓↓↓